In a perfect world, product design from initial concept to production release is a straight line, with no wasted engineering capacity, purchasing time, or redesigns required by design changes. In the real world, the path to product release is much more circuitous, where the path to product release almost serpentine at times.


At TE Connectivity (TE), we believe the preferred timing for temperature sensor design involvement is during product concept. This allows our temperature sensor design engineers to take an active role in product design, offering our years of thermal design experience. Our experiences in the process have lead us to believe this is the preferred timing. For example, years back when working with major computer manufacturer our probes were built into the manufacturers design. The probe design was provided by the manufacturer and the application required two thermistors that were exposed at the end of a plastic tube. We provided the thermistors to the manufacturers specifications and, unfortunately during the process of product release, it was discovered that the probes had design problems. The exposed thermistors were being broken. This thermistor design problem was holding up multibillion dollars of product. Our design engineers traveled to the customer to discuss the problems. During our lengthy meeting with a large team of employees responsible for the product release, the well-respected senior design engineer asked our team, “Why didn’t you place the probes in a sheath?”. Our response was, “If you had asked us, we would have; we built to your design specifications.” Once our team was aware of the product design and application limitations we could design a temperature sensor suited for the product.


With over 60 years of thermal sensor design and manufacturing expertise, and experiences like the example above at other major companies, our team believes that temperature sensor selection should be encouraged during the product concept phase.