Control circuit board for Low Cost LED DRL

  1. Three LED DRL with single MCPCB (Meeting AIS standards)
  2. Based on Linear regulator
  3. Very good thermal distribution
  4. Lens based design
  5. In build transient protection
  6. Open circuit protection
  7. No EMI filter is required
  8. One go all go function

1. We have multiple options of different LEDs combinations

  • 5 LED DRL with Linear regulator or boost based design
  • 16 LEDs DRL based on Boost based design
  • 6 LEDs DRL based on Linear regulator design


2. We will do all testing according to standards


3. We will provide you thermal distribution of control circuit board at different temperature like 45° C, 60°C and 80° C

4. Intensity degradation report, if you want


5. We will provide Front position lamp function as well with each DRL (optional)