Control circuit board for LED Headlamp

  1. Three LED Headlamp(Class B)
  2. Two LEDs for Low beam and all three for High beam
  3. Buck topology based with external circuit for switching(low /high beam)
  4. Input voltage range 4.5 – 42 V
  5. Output current up to 2 A (adjustable)
  6. Reverse voltage protection
  7. Over voltage protection
  8. Transient protection(pulse 5a and 5b )
  9. Thermal shutdown

10. Short circuit protection for LEDs(optional)


11. On board filter for EMI reduction (optional)


12. Fault detection (optional)

  1. Similarly we have others model with required specification
  2. We have to provide freedom to customer to choose out of three any manufacture
  3. Reference board has include:

  • Demo board with Ever light Led configuration
  • Demo board has multiple current setting option
  • Schematic of circuit demo board
  • BOM of Demo board with approx. cost
  • All testing reports with standards
  • Gerber files (optional)
  • Thermal testing of Demo Board
  • Working demo video
4. Additional option we can provide
  • Selection of LEDs
  • Thermal distribution of LEDs(Heat sink design)
  • Selection of thermal grease or adhesive
  • Prototyping of multiple boards