Other Lighting Solutions

A) DC-DC LED Driver Solutions

  • Simple low parts count.
  • Unique frequency jitter technique to reduce EMI.
  • Flexible solutions Buck,Boost & Buck-Boost.
  • High efficiency up to 97%.
  • Flexible wide range of input and output voltage.
  • Support one pin analog dimming and PWM Dimming.

B)  SMPS LED strip Solutions

  • Operates in CC/CV Mode
  • Various protection such as OVP,OCP,OTP,SCP etc
  • Fast response for CV regulation
  • Low output ripple current for CV regulation

C) Ripple Remover

  • Optimize solution to remove 100/120Hz LED current ripple in HPF solutions.
  • Minimum power dissipation while removing ripple from LED current.
  • Very less component count tends to compact size and competitive price.
  • Built-in temperature compensation which ensure system reliability.
  • Short-circuit protection.

Key Benefits of Ripple Remover

  • Prevent LEDs from fast deterioration.
  • Cool and Peaceful light through on objects.
  • Reduce Filter capacitor.
  • Extends life span of lighting products.