Swingtel, The Power to Dream Big!


At Swingtel, Innovation is a way of Life. Innovation is not limited to the Technology Solutions and its Implementation at work, It’s the way We think, we understand and We improvise our response to the challenges of Life. Innovation is Life


Swingtel invests heavily in building a strong ethos of delivering customer satisfaction. We encourage and nurture talent to help them specialize in their respective departments but also multitask. We are not building a Team, we are building Leaders of Tomorrow


We empower them to think out of the box and have the courage to experiment. The idea is not to benchmark against competition, but self-created business models that others may aspire to adapt.

We believe in equality and multi-culture environment, enabling us not only to cater to domestic market but also tap the plethora of opportunities  overseas.

Leadership is Created with Trust and Swingtel fully understands the value of Trust and Commitment in Business.


“When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders.” Simon Sinek


We are open to ideas and harvest entrepreneurship. If you have the Courage of Conviction in your field of expertise and desire to explore unchartered territories, we have the platform to write the best success stories.


Current openings exist across SBU of Lighting, Innovation, Automotive, Future Next, Semiconductor Distribution, Strategic Alliances & Logistic.

We are Growing and will continue to attract Talent across Geography.


Come! be Part of a Better Life.

Committed ~ Competetive ~ Credible


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