Guangdong Hottech Co. Ltd. (Headquarters) established in 1992, is a Leading Global Semiconductor Company. Initially dedicated to Passive Components: Chip Resistors, Chip Capacitors R & D and their production, Hottech is today a brand to reckon with in semiconductor components

Shenzhen Heketai Electronics Co. Ltd was established in 2000 to diversify and expand the scale of investment in research and development and production of active components.

Products developed include Diodes, transistors, field effect transistor (MOS) and IC . Application areas focused are : Power supply, Wearable Digital products, Home Appliances, Electronic Communications, Automotive Electronics, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Aviation Security Aerospace and others.

Product Range:-

  • Chip Resistors
  • Chip Capacitors
  • Bipolar Transistors
  • Schottky Diodes

  • TVS Diodes
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • Low Volatge Mosfets