ELMOS are a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based system solutions. EMLOS offer their customers the product which is the right solution for their tasks. Whether it is a chip which is customized to their requirements (ASIC), a standard product which can be implemented quickly (ASSP), or a complete micro-system as symbiosis of sensor and evaluation electronics. The core competency of Elmos is the development, production, and sale of mixed-signal semiconductors. Mixed-signal semiconductors represent the intelligence in an electronic system. Among other things, our components evaluate sensor data and convert this analogue information into digital values. Only then can the sensor data be analysed and recorded precisely. With regard to vehicles, this means that a mixed-signal chip makes sense wherever analysis and switching takes place. Thus an integrated sensor can, for example, detect and analyse the rotational speed, acceleration, inclination angle, pressure, or even light. Numerous application opportunities also exist in industrial and consumer goods applications, for example in motion detectors, gesture and movement recognition, smoke detectors, or products with electric motors.

Product Range:-

  • DC-DC Converter
  • Automotive LED Driver
  • Gesture sensor for Infotainment
  • Smoke detectors

  • Motor Driver
  • Reverse parking sensor
  • Pressure sensor IC