Allegro Hall-effect sensor integrated circuits (ICs) incorporate a Hall element with other circuitry, such as op-amps and comparators, to make digital position sensors and speed sensors, as well as linear and angle sensors with analog outputs. Allegro has pioneered several major advances in the field of Hall-effect sensor ICs including chopper stabilization, vertical Hall-effect technology, circular vertical Hall (CVH) arrays, and non-intrusive high-speed hardware diagnostics.

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC offers a growing portfolio of DC/DC switching regulators and LED drivers. Allegro’s process technology and applications expertise has enabled the development of highly integrated ICs, providing flexibility and functionality in a small solution footprint. Devices offer buck, boost, charge pump, and linear topologies and aim to provide comprehensive, extremely robust solutions with minimal external components. The DC/DC regulator portfolio focuses on fully integrated devices with on-chip FETs, and includes single channel and multiple-output devices. Devices are both general purpose and application specific. The lighting portfolio includes LED driver ICs with a wide variety of topologies, channel counts, output currents and feature sets to help customers optimize their solutions. Drivers are targeted at either LED lighting applications or LED backlighting for LCD displays.

Product Range:-

  • Voltage regulators
  • DC-DC converter
  • Automotive LED driver
  • Hall Effect sensor

  • Angular Hall IC
  • Motor Driver IC
  • Current Sensor IC